Too Late The Hunter

Cover of Too Late The Hunter by Barry Grills

Launched June 2019

Three people. A psychiatrist playing God. A reporter who can't decide. A killer confessing in letters. And a hidden rose garden park with disturbing secrets. 

This psychological, erotic thriller by bestselling author Barry Grills explores the cost of choice, the price of passionate love and the nimble recesses of the human imagination. 

Available as an e-book or in print from Kindle and Amazon. 

Praise for Books by Barry Grills

“Stories about men in love with women they can’t have ... very detailed and vivid ...” 

- The BookLife Prize, I And You, And Me And Her 

“Writing in fluid, lyrical sentences ... demonstrates a clear facility with language and tone ... alluring descriptions ... shining prose ...” 

- The BookLife Prize, Roadkill

“Innovative story told backward ... successful literary endeavour: it makes room for the broader themes of human struggle and triumph over loss, and testifies to our capacity to find solace ...” 

- Quill & Quire, Every Wolf’s Howl

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Cover of Oblivion by Barry Grills

Launched October 2018

Oblivion (noun): The condition of being entirely forgotten. 

Richard Braddock, family man, corporate vice-president, lapsed journalist, encounters Derek Cavanaugh on the street outside his workplace one day. Derek, a lawyer and once his best friend, is now homeless. 

When Richard offers assistance he is rejected. As their friendship is renewed on the corner of an intersection in a major city, economic inequities and all, Richard begins to develop a rash. Is he allergic to work? His life? Or Derek’s refusal of help? And why does he keep “zoning out”? What’s the strange, toneless mantra he “hears” all day: EVERYTHING JUST LIVES HERE? Is he going crazy? Can he hang on? Does he even want to? 

Then his teenaged son, Kevin, mentions on Facebook that he is hearing it too: EVERYTHING JUST LIVES HERE. And Richard begins to see the light... 

Available as an e-book or in print from Kindle and Amazon.

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I And You, And Me And Her

Cover of I And You, And Me And Her by Barry Grills

Launched June 2018

 Love at first sight. A failure to seize the moment. Betrayed by coincidence.

Tom McNamara secretly suffers over the two women in his life, one he thought was right for him, another he thought was perfect. Destiny has concealed until the eve of his wedding that the two women are actually sisters. Tom wants to do the right thing. Perhaps his authentic self should put out the torch he's been carrying for two decades over his romantic disaster. Perhaps he should tell someone the truth.

Now all the people in this tangle must spend Thanksgiving weekend at an empty lodge in Northern Ontario. Having inherited this humble resort from a mother who kept it and its purpose secret, the two sisters must decide what to do with the property. Tom's beginning to think he knows what the two women can do. More importantly, he's beginning to believe he knows what he should do.

A thoughtful, original and playful novel about choice and authenticity by award-winning author Barry Grills, I And You, And Me And Her is emotional, poignant and heartfelt. For some people, love truly is everything

Available as an e-book or in print from Kindle and Amazon. 

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Cover of Roadkill by Barry Grills

Launched November 2017

FINALIST, Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2018.

FINALIST, Whistler Independent Book Awards 2018.

From Fluid Grouse Enterprises, the new dystopic novel about love, freedom and human triumph. Gripping, allegorical, inspiring, gritty, fresh.

Two unlikely allies: Mary, The Golden Woman--professor, mistress to the brass, historian--and Keats, a broken and doomed bonded worker with nothing left to lose. A fateful night of escape that steers them into the private museum preserve of The Company that rules their world. Is the museum a trap? Is the freeway at the other end of the preserve as impassable as it is back in the bonded workers' camp? Will Mary and Keats find freedom or die under the rodancer wheels on the Liberty Freeway? 

Available as an ebook and in print from Kindle and Amazon.

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Every Wolf's Howl

Cover of Every Wolf's Howl by Barry Grills

From Freehand Books

The award-winning memoir about  a wolf-German Shepherd  cross named Lupus, an extraordinary animal that inspired the author's transformation as a man and writer. 

Every wolf's and lion's howl  

Raises from hell a human soul.       

        William Blake, Auguries of Innocence 

Praise for Every Wolf's Howl

". . . surprising, poignant, affectionate, and amusing memoir" - Prairie Fire Review of Books   

"Every Wolf’s Howl  proves a successful literary endeavour: it makes room for the broader  themes of human struggle and triumph over loss, and testifies to our  capacity to find solace in those we initially feel unequipped to care  for." - Quill and Quire  

 “Every Wolf’s Howl  is a moving story of friendship and transformation, and anyone who has  ever longed to companionate with wild creatures will be transfixed." - Winnipeg Free Press 

 “His memoir takes us farther and with Lupus’ help deeper into the meaning of his crise du coeur,  such that at book’s end we can reverse the process and gauge just how  far he has travelled, from self-destructive behaviour, from pessimism,  and from serious illness, to existential acceptance of himself and his  species.” - The Winnipeg Review  



Based on the biography Celine Dion: A New Day Dawns, by Barry Grills and Jim Brown